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January 2023

I give this business a five-star rating! I was alone and traveling when I slipped and fell, breaking my hip, in the Grand Canyon National Park. I was totally at the mercy of the health care system which is essentially as broken as my hip!


I hired Healthmatch Advocacy when the Flagstaff hospital placed me in an entirely unsatisfactory rehab center. They booked transportation and arranged a bed in a better facility. After my experience, I firmly believe EVERYONE needs a medical advocate!


Throughout my three-week rehab, they were available to solve any issues. Receiving the right medications and on time was one such problem. Since Julie and Carolyn are nurses, they could counsel me on medications and make sure I was getting them on time. They know about social security issues and could answer questions about my benefits. They brought me supplies, like paper towels and good food, that rehab did not provide. Additionally they arranged to get my van and me to my next stop on my road to recovery at a friend's house 50 miles away.


I highly recommend them for their knowledge of the system and wealth of experience in it. I am deeply grateful to them for all their help in my time of distress.




Carolyn has been doing a great job advocating for my mother with her breast cancer journey. She’s always available when we have questions, keeps excellent records of every doctor interaction, and her rates are extremely reasonable. She truly does care about her clients.




Having a close family member fall ill far away from the family support system can be a nightmare. When my brother became incapacitated in Phoenix AZ where he lived most his adult life and his immediate family was back in Michigan his proper care became unmanageable. A call to Carolyn Bennett of Healthmatch Advocacy resolved our problems quickly and professionally. Carolyn assigned “Julie” to serve as my brothers patient advocate and we saw immediate results. Julie found unintentional errors in his medication, missed tests necessary for a proper diagnosis and she resolved a tendency for his insurance company to deny necessary coverage when care was "out of network". Our family used Carolyns team for over 18 months providing my brother with the extra care he deserved making a very difficult time much more tolerable for us his family back home and much more compassionate for him in his final days. Should you need representation as we did do not hesitate to call Carolyn. You will be very glad that you did. 


Minnesota & Arizona


My brother passed away in 2014 , leaving a 50 year old daughter and 48 year old son - both with significant health issues, mobility concerns, hygiene problems. Although they lived by themselves together, the myriad of health insurance issues, as well as updating their medical history with exams- was a daunting task, Family was out of state. Carolyn Bennett took the bull by the horns with an initial assessment (very reasonable), documenting concerns, to do's, resolving insurance issues, established appointments, and gave them a road map to healthier independent, living. Carolyn was a godsend. 




I live in another state and my father had a debilitating accident. Carolyn's experience, compassion and professionalism helped take much of the worry off of not being able to be with my father at all times during his great time of need. From dealing with the Rehab center to the move to another state, she was supporting us all the way. Her help was invaluable. 

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