Getting the pieces to put together....

Understanding Your Health Diagnosis

Your health literacy refers to your ability to read, understand, and use the information necessary to obtain adequate health care. We can help you with:

Obtaining information

Processing and understanding the information and

Using the health information to make decisions.


Research shows ineffective communication among healthcare personnel is a major factor in medical errors and harm (C Dingley et al, 2008). Healthmatch helps you organize and communicate with providers to facilitate exchange of your health history. In addition to communication with health providers, Healthmatch facilitates communication with your family members whether they are busy professionals locally or living in distant locations.

Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK43663/


“Healing requires relationships” Scott, Cohen et al, (July-August 2008 Annals of Family Medicine.) Fragmentation of healthcare occurs as our system focuses on parts of a person rather than the whole. Disease management works with a disease rather than the whole person experiencing the illness. Healthmatch nurses can support you in a holistic way by maximizing your coping resources

Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2653966/#r5

Successful Aging

One of the biggest challenges of aging is feeling you are living the life you deserve in the environment you desire. Healthmatch can help with evaluation of your health needs, safety and ongoing medical issues. We focus on your needs and concerns and assist you to make goals to address your safety. We have staff which are knowledgeable about local resources as well as referrals to outside assistance such as veterans benefits.


Obtaining cost–effective health care can be a challenge. Excessive cost can be a barrier to needed care. We can help via:

Review of medical plan to maximize coverage

Strategizing to decrease out-of-pocket costs

Assist with appeals to insurance

Review medical bills for accuracy

Assistance with resolution of outstanding medical bills

Assistance with locating solutions to high prescription costs

Access to Care

Your health advocate assists you in navigating the healthcare system via information about resources and benefits. An experienced advocate can assist you with obtaining care and either preventing problems or identifying concerns early. We can help via:

Assistance with navigation

Help with obtaining timely care

Development of a personalize plan

Assistance with interpretation of your health plan